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Welcome to Chef Moores’ latest venture an informative and instructional website, which offers practical tips and instruction to home cooks, awesome recipes and all the latest and greatest information related to the Culinary arts as well as her professional personal chef services which are now being made available to the nation offering an array of unique services and the most delicious and unforgettable food anywhere. Chef Moore is excited about this new platform to share her passions and talents and is eager to inspire you to make your kitchen the heartbeat of your household.

Jedi Mom Tricks

Philadelphia Fruit Pizza

A dessert for any hour, this sweet delectable pizza cookie dough crust and cream cheese center is sure to disappear from every plate.

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Can you get your child in the kitchen

Quick Tips that will make the time you spend with your child in the kitchen joyous!

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Remove Grape Juice Stains

Grape juice, like red wine, has certain pigments in it that are very hard to lighten and remove. Way back when, all I knew to do was to dampen the item…

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Chef It Up At Your Place

Fried Green Tomato Stack

You can also fry up red tomatoes with this recipe but make sure they are not over ripe or they will be mushy. Serve these tomatoes outside with a glass…

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Blended Cherry Mojito

Yeah, we have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself extra special though, just to savor the last bits of your freedom! So…

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Sangria Santa Clara

This Sangria recipe is perfect for big summer parties, fall gatherings, and holiday festivities - always a favorite, you may consider doubling the recipe.

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Chef It Up Photo Diary

Chef It Up In Your Home...

"Another awesome demonstration party with an awesome group of ladies learning how to "Chef It Up!"

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A Master Gourmet at work

Take a look at Chef Moore work her culinary magic.

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