Chef Collier-Moore

Chef Moore was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama where she took an interest in cooking at a very young age. Growing up in a southern family of great home cooks she acquired a taste for great food and a burning desire to know how to recreate all of her favorites herself. She enjoyed any opportunity to get in the kitchen to learn. It didn’t take her long to notice how food brought people together and had the power to turn a simple occasion into a nostalgic experience. She has also always loved the process of cooking; turning random ingredients into something magical. Chef Moore feels there is nothing more invigorating than having others truly experience and enjoy your food.

Chef Moore carried this passion with her into young adult-hood cooking for family and friends any chance she got and working for multiple restaurants throughout her teenage years. Not yet realizing the potential to make a career of the Culinary Arts she studied Advertising and Business Management at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa where she obtained a B.S. in Communication and Information Sciences. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree Chef Moore began a career in corporate America but continued to search for outlets to cook by working restaurant jobs on the side, taking culinary classes at night and catering small events. It became apparent after several years in a lucrative career in corporate America that her heart yearned to follow her passion. So at the urging of her supportive husband she enrolled in the esteemed Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago to complete her A.S. degree in Culinary Arts.

Now armed with classical training and professional experience to go with her God given talent Chef Moores’ latest ventures are her informative and instructional website,, which offers practical tips and instruction to home cooks, awesome recipes and all the latest and greatest information related to the Culinary arts as well as her professional personal chef services which are now being made available to you, offering an array of unique services and the most delicious and unforgettable food anywhere. Chef Moore is excited about this new platform to share her passions and talents and is eager to inspire you to make your kitchen the heartbeat of your household.